Dr. Ching’s ultimate goal is to help you live a happy and healthy life without the aid of supplements. There are times, however, where supplements are necessary. This may be due to genetics, dietary decisions, or a health condition. Supplements can be used as a powerful tool to jump start back to a healthy state where you can hopefully maintain your optimal health with lifestyle changes like nutritional and movement choices.

Purchasing Supplements

Many supplements are available in office. Dr. Ching tries to stock the most frequently used and desired supplements for your convenience. However, due to limited space and, the supplement you desire or the supplement Dr. Ching has recommended for you in stock. Afterall, she can only look so far into the future to “know” what you will need. 😉

Here you will find links to online supplement dispensaries whom Dr. Ching trusts with quality assurance. You can use these links to order any recommended supplements.

Note: Some products may require a “prescription” from Dr. Ching – You will be notified at checkout. Please contact the office and Dr. Ching will coordinate with you to evaluate if the supplement you are requesting may be helpful or harmful to your health picture. This is for your protection to prevent health-condition-supplement, medication-supplement, or supplement-supplement interactions.

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Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.

Wholescripts Dispensary

For Microbiome Labs supplements, please click here.

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