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New Patients

Ripple Health and Wellness Naturopath OfficeYou’re a new patient! Or, thinking of becoming a new patient!

Either way, I’m stoked to get to know you. This is going to be awesome!

Are you nervous? Please don’t be! I do my best to put you at ease. You’ll notice my office is very different from most doctor’s offices.

The First Visit

Your first visit is 60-90 minutes in duration. If we don’t need the time or if you become overwhelmed, no worries! We can end the appointment any time you need to. This is about being productive for you. We will spend most of the time reviewing your number one health concern, maybe even your top couple. Let me know what works and what doesn’t work for you. This could be in terms of a doctor-patient relationship or this could be the treatments you have tried in the past. This helps me know where to start so that we can efficiently help you feel the best you can! It will also help so you don’t waste your time and hard-earned money.

Your first appointment will also include a physical exam so that I may evaluate your body systems and their physical presentation to rule in or out causes of your health concern. It also insures that I am doing a good job as your new doctor and that I am not missing big signs of a harmful condition.

We do not draw blood in the office as our facilities are not suitable for the processing required. We have several suggestions for locations of blood draws we can obtain your lab results from.


We do request that you fill out an intake form within 2 days of scheduling your initial consultation. This allows a chance for me to prepare and best serve you and your time.

Intake Forms & Getting to Know You:

We offer a FREE 15-min Discovery Call as a courtesy to support your confidence we can help you achieve your goals. Please schedule this appointment by clicking here, or calling the office. Upon scheduling your initial consult, our office will email you a link to our comprehensive intake form which can be filled out online from any device with internet access.


In order to provide the quality of healthcare I truly believe my patients deserve, I am no longer contracted with health insurance. This decision was not made lightly or quickly.

If the investment for care is a concern, we do offer flexible payment plans in order to offer you the healthcare you deserve at a comfortable monthly budget.

You are unique in your experiences and in your needs. You deserve healthcare individualized to work for you.
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