Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PHR account?

PHR is a patient health record system offered by Charm Health (Dr. Ching’s charting software). As a new patient, you will be sent a link to your email inviting you to create a PHR account. This account will provide a safe, HIPAA compliant space for you to message Dr. Ching directly, share images, see your lab results, and view your treatment plans. You can access this PHR account from anywhere you have internet access.

How long is an appointment?

New patient appointments are one and half hours long and are very comprehensive. Follow-up visits are 45 minutes long and are more focused on progress since the last visit or acute conditions such as the flu or cold.

How often do I need to come in?

This is a tricky question as it is individualized to you. At your appointment, you and Dr. Ching will discuss the frequency of your visits for follow-up. In general, most acute cases will require a follow-up in 1 or 2 weeks. As your health improves and stabilizes, your visits may be spaced out by a few months. If you are feeling well, Dr. Ching requests you come back once yearly to catch up on major life events and perform screening labs.

Does Dr. Ching bill insurance?

Currently, Dr. Ching is billing select insurance plans. She is in the (very long) process of credentialing with many insurance companies. She will post the accepted insurance companies under the “New Patient” tab for the companies she is contracted with. It is up to you to review your benefits and meet your financial responsibilities with your insurance company and Dr. Ching. See Office Policies & Financial Agreement.

Can I bill my insurance?

Yes. Let Dr. Ching know you would like a “superbill” to submit to your insurance. This document will include specific codes on an official document for your insurance company to review. You will be responsible for paying in full for your appointment at the time of service. Dr. Ching does not guarantee you will be reimbursed by your insurance company but it’s always worth a try!

Does Dr. Ching take Veteran insurance?

Dr. Ching is not credentialed with Tri-West.

Do you provide any Veteran Discounts?

Dr. Ching does provide a 15% discount on services to Vets. Thank you for serving our country and making this a safe place to live. <3

Can I use my HSA or FSA for services?

Yes, HSA (Health Savings Account) and FSA (Flexible Spending Account) are accepted with Ripple Health and Wellness. You may use these for services as well as supplements, as your plan permits. Please check with your HR department or insurance company.

Does Dr. Ching prescribe pharmaceuticals?

Dr. Ching does prescribe pharmaceuticals when they are necessary. She will discuss all treatment options, including pharmaceuticals with you in the office. Some medications are prescribed more long-term or require more frequent monitoring and an office visit. For instance, newer prescriptions of thyroid medication.

What conditions does Dr. Ching work with?

She works with a wide variety of conditions. See “Conditions treated” tab for more info.

What kind of lab tests does Dr. Ching use?

Dr. Ching will frequently perform basic, bio-medical labs as these are helpful in screening for illness or imbalance in a general area of the body and these tests are usually more affordable. She also offers various “functional” lab tests which dive deeper and can be more specific and give a lot of information. The functional lab tests tend to be more of a financial investment. Check out the “Functional Lab Tests” page to see the lab companies Dr. Ching has current accounts with.

Why can’t I order from the Wellevate and Metagenics links?

To ensure that she follows the first principle of naturopathic medicine, “Do No Harm” Dr. Ching does not allow the public to order supplements from her accounts. Please make an appointment with Dr. Ching to make sure you are on an appropriate dosage and that labs are not required. She will be happy to make an account for you to have easy access to ordering supplements!

Can my caregiver or family member join me at my appointment?

Yes, in fact, we encourage you to invite any loved one if this makes you feel more comfortable. It is the patient’s choice and right. However, be mindful that the appointment will be centered on your needs and care. Should you and your significant other or family member both seek care on the same day, we can schedule two separate appointments back-to-back to assure appropriate attention is given to each individual

You are unique in your experiences and in your needs. You deserve healthcare individualized to work for you.
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